Preventive care is always the best medicine. You do your part by keeping your horse current with check-ups and vaccinations. At Conejo Valley Equine, we do our part by dedicating our professional lives to the proposition that horses come first. We are there for your horse 24/7. A doctor is always on call. We constantly invest in the latest equipment and technology so that we can offer the most advanced care. We are passionate about keeping abreast of the latest research and treatments. Each doctor attends continuing education conferences. The doctor then summarizes the information and shares it with the group. In this way, each doctor gets the benefit of every conference.

Having a group practice allows us to discuss diagnosis and treatment programs with our colleagues. Your horse is known to all of our vets and gets the benefit of their joint expertise. Regardless who makes the field call, the entire staff participates in the care.

Since 1958, Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital has been a leading member of the international horse community. Our founder Dr. Robert M. Miller, is a world-renowned expert and speaker on imprinting and equine behavior. From the beginning, CVE has been an innovator in field medicine. Now we are leading the way again with telemedicine, but our underlying philosophy has not changed — horses come first. We are committed to our equine patients. Whether finding that extra 1% for the professional comhorseitor, bringing a new life into the world or easing the passage of a beloved friend, we are honored to care for our equine friends.