Most of these initial contents of the Conejo Valley Equine EQUINE LIBRARY are courtesy of Bayer Health, UC Davis, and AAEP.

Colic:  Minimizing Its Incidence & Impact in Your Horse

Cooled Semen Transport:  Advancements in Equine Artificial Insemination

Dental Care:  The Importance of Maintaining the Health of Your Horse’s Mouth

Equine Infectious Amemia:  The Only Protection is Prevention

Emergency Care:  Guidelines To Follow During Equine Emergencies

EPM:  Understanding This Debilitating Disease

Expectant Mare:  Assuring the Health And Well-Being of the Pregnant Mare

Fescue:  Minimizing the Risk to Your Horse’s Health

Foal Growth:  Special Care and Nutrition

Foaling Mare & Newborn:  Preparing for a Safe & Successful Foal Delivery

Hay Quality & Nutrition: Evaluating Your Horse’s Nutritional Needs

Insurance: Understanding Horse Insurance Responsibilities

Internal Parasites: Strategies For Effective Parasite Control

Overweight Horse: Special Care and Nutrition

Purchase Exams: A Sound Economic Investment

Suspensory Ligament Injuries: A UC Davis Publication